SouthLink N25

Vehicle Classification

SouthLink N25 Toll Plaza Vehicle Classification

The classification of all vehicles that pass through the N25 Tolling facility is set down by the National Roads Authority and defined in the Tolling Bye Laws for the N25 BYPASS. The vehicle classification at the N25 tolling facility is as follows

Motor Cycles

Motor Cycles (exceeding 50cc)

Motor Cars

MPVs (less than 8 passengers) and their effects, taxis, limousines. Light vehicles towing a caravan or trailer with any number of axles.

Buses or Coaches

Buses or coaches (any number of axles, any size)

Light Goods Vehicles

Good Vehicles (vans and any car with no rear window) and adapated for goods, i.e. no back seats. This includes cars, vans, jeep type with back windows panelled out and seats removed, all pick up types, whether in the course of trade or otherwise.

Goods Vehicles
2 or 3 Axles

Goods vehicles with a design gross vehicle weight exceeding 3,500 kilograms and having 2 or 3 axles

Goods Vehicles
4+ Axles

Goods Vehicles 4+ Axles

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