SouthLink N25

Plaza Signage

SouthLink N25 Toll Plaza Signage

Below are the symbols displayed on electronic signs at the Toll Plaza and what they indicate.

Lane Open

The green arrow symbol indicates that the lane is open

Lane Closed

The red cross symbol indicates that the lane is closed

Toll Collector

This symbol indicates the presence of a toll collector operating the lane manually and can accept all payment methods

E-Toll (Electronic Toll Collection)

The E-Toll symbol indicates Electronic Toll Collection and is available in all lanes

Automatic Coin Machine (ACM)

This symbol indicates that this is an automatic coin machine lane and only payment by coins is accepted here. No change will be given in this lane

Credit Cards Accepted

This symbol indicates credit cards accepted in this lane

HGVs not permitted

This symbol indicates that HGVs are not permitted in this lane

SouthLink N25 Toll Plaza information