SouthLink N25

Toll Payment Options

SouthLink N25 Toll Payment Options

SouthLink offer a wide range of payment options to suit the needs of our customers at the Waterford Suir Bridge Toll Plaza.
These include Electronic Tag, Trip Cards, Cash and Credit Cards.

Use the following Payment Option matrix to decide which payment option suits you.

* Works at all lanes with the exception of the dedicated lane designed for electronic tag customers only.

Electronic tags – the faster easier way to pay your tolls throughout Ireland.

Please go to Tag Providers | for more details on the range of electronic toll tag suppliers currently supplying the Irish market. Here you can compare prices and select the best offering for you.

All Irish electronic tags will work at the South-Link N25 toll plaza.

Advantages of using an electronic tag

  • No cash required when traveling through the plaza
  • Faster transit
  • Accepted payment method on all toll roads throughout Ireland
  • Use of all lanes at all toll plazas including the M50 barrier free tolling point

Trip Cards

Purchase a pre-paid 20 trip card* from SouthLink to automatically receive a 10% discount*. Similar in design to a credit/debit card the trip card is preloaded with 20 trips for a specific vehicle classification depending on the requirements of the customer. Trip cards can be purchased for all 6 vehicle classifications as set out in the Bye Laws. Some of the advantages of using a Waterford Suir Bridge Toll Plaza 20 trip-card include:

  • No cash required when travelling through the plaza
  • 10% Discount on all toll fares*

 Further Information on Trip cards available by contacting Plaza on  051-319700

* Terms and Conditions apply – SouthLink N25 Ltd Privacy Statement – SouthLink N25 Ltd Data Protection Statement


Cash payment is accepted on all lanes with the exception of the Express Lanes (Electronic Tag only – extreme right hand lane when approaching in both directions). Cash payment can be made where an operator is present in the tollbooth, or in any of the four Automatic Coin Machine lanes (coins only – placed into the collection basket)

Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted on all lanes with the exception of the Express Lanes. Please note: Only Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted. Debit Cards (Laser cards) are NOT accepted at the SouthLink N25 Toll Plaza.

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