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Adapted Vehicles

Suir Bridge Toll Plaza Concession Travel Update

We are pleased to announce an enhanced process for vehicles modified for disabled use. Such vehicles are entitled to free passage under the toll scheme bye-laws. In the past customers were requested to apply for a laminate concession travel pass which had to be renewed and re-issued when the customer details changed. We now have the ability, using number plate recognition cameras, to capture and compare the registration of your vehicle to the “National Vehicle Data File” (NVDF).

What this means to you as a disabled driver / passenger of an adapted vehicle is that you will no longer need to apply for a special identity card normally supplied from the Portlaoise Toll Plaza.

You will however still need to ensure your vehicle is registered as “tax exempt” for a disabled person with the motor tax office. Once this is done the vehicle will be registered on the NVDF file. If your vehicle is currently exempt from motor tax your registration is in order.

The new procedure will be as follow

1. The adapted vehicle can only gain toll free access through a manned operator lane. These are the lanes to your left as you approach the plaza. As you drive into the lane you should simply notify the operator that your vehicle is registered as a disabled vehicle. The operator will press a button and the system will check your vehicle registration number against the NVDF file. Once the vehicle is confirmed as being registered as an adapted vehicle the barrier will automatically lift and you can drive through This process takes just a couple of seconds to complete.

2. If for some reason the camera cannot read the licence plate of the vehicle the operator will ask you to call out the registration numbe and will then manually process the transaction.

3. The main condition of the process is that it is the vehicle which is exempt from paying the toll and not the driver or passenger. If a disabled person approaches the toll booth in a vehicle which is not registered as an adapted vehicle the driver will be requested to pay the toll to complete the journey.

4. Toll free status for an adapted vehicle is not valid for vehicles used for the conveyance of goods or persons for hire or reward (i.e. Taxi delivery van, mini bus used for hire, etc).

5. Abuse of the conditions of the toll exempt procedure could constitute an offence under the Roads Act 1993 and may be reported to the motor tax office.

Please Note

As and from the beginning of October 2012 you no longer need to apply for a Concessionary Travel Card from the Suir Bridge Toll Plaza as they will no longer be issued.

You should only use the “manned” toll booths for the exempt travel procedure.

The technology only compares the registration to the NVDF in real time and we do not retain or have access to any customer information from the NVDF.

This system is similar to the system used on the M50 and East-link toll locations in Dublin, and the Portlaoise Toll Plaza .

Should you require further information or wish to provide feedback please contact SouthLink Toll Plaza on 051 319700.

We hope this new system simplifies the process and improves your customer experience.

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