SouthLink N25

SouthLink Winter Notice

SouthLink Winter Notice

SouthLink N25 Ltd is responsible for Winter Maintenance activities including both Precautionary and Reactive salt treatments of the N25 Project Road which commences in Kilmeaden Co. Waterford and finishes in Slieverue in Co. Kilkenny, a distance of 23km. This scheme includes the following junctions, Roundabouts and Tie-ins:

  • N25 Mainline from the Western Tie-in to New Ross Tie-in
  • Luffany Roundabout
  • Slieverue Link Road
  • Grannagh Junction, Quarry Link Road and Quarry Roundabout
  • Western Link Junction
  • Carrick Road Roundabout

It is the policy of SouthLink N25 Ltd to provide winter maintenance service for the 2023/2024 season and to ensure the safe movement of traffic for road users and the public on the Project Road and keep to a minimum any delays caused by adverse weather.

A Winter Maintenance Procedure and Strategy for 2023/2024 sets out the arrangements for all aspects of winter maintenance.

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